Friday, February 12, 2010

Time's Burden

I planned to see my friend today,
But then I overslept,
The day got so ahead of me –
The promise went unkept,

Three days went by- another call,
My friend to say hello,
I told my friend that I was well,
But running to and fro,

A week went passed -A raincheck made,
Time so hard to find,
With work and bills and family,
Life keeping me behind,

Another week and then a month,
I vowed to see my friend,
As time flew by without pause,
Not a moment to extend,

The hands of time brought ten more years,
My promise still unkept,
And then did come a letter,
And as I read I wept,

I finally saw my friend today,
It’s been too long a while,
I’d dreamed of this day coming,
To see my good friend’s smile,

It’s not how I imagined it,
As I sit by my friend’s side,
No word, no smile, no “it’s ok”
Because my friend has died.

1 comment:

  1. A wake up call. And the rhythm brought it right home.