Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dancing In Life

Nothing to see - only darkness,
No sound - only silence,
No movement - ever still,
Unseeing ... unhearing ... unmoving,
Faith's blessings undone,
Time's burdens unrelenting,
Hope's promises unmet,
Life's woes unyielding,

Then a shadow,
My eyes begin to squint,
Then a hum,
My ears hear a faint melody,
Then a twitch,
My muscles slowly relax,
Seeing ... hearing ... moving,
I search to find my liberator.

Suddenly we are dancing,
A beautiful new dance,
A dance that has no past,
A dance born in each moment - gliding,
A dance in steps known - not spoken,
A dance that knows no ending,
A dance of love and perfect synchronicity,
A dance not danced by anyone but we,

We dance to our own song,
A beautiful new song,
A song that has no past,
A song composed in each move - melody,
A song in notes known - not spoken,
A song that knows no ending,
A song of love and perfect harmony,
A song not sung by anyone but we,

Together we see light,
Together we hear music,
Together we dance in life,
Each step ... each note ... each moment,
Faith's blessings restored,
Time's burdens recede, 
Hope's promises fulfilled,
Life's woes abandoned.

Dancing in life ....

Dedicated to Danielle and Wil. May these lines inspire you as you dance on together in life.


  1. Wow, Amazing! Beautifully written. Perfect for Danielle and Wil:) I love it!!

  2. Jesus Christ, woman! Did you write this with the express intention of making me cry?! Because you did...a lot. I love it! From the bottom of my heart, thank you. <3

  3. "A dance that has no past..." I can't get over that line. It's SOOO spot on. Every time I read this poem, I fall more in love with it. :-)

  4. "A dance not danced by anyone but we..." I'm crying. God, I love that little salsa dancing man. STOP! LOL

  5. Review from "BEAUTIFUL! This is a beautiful piece of work. You did have a good reading and one enjoyable. You did well in presenting this piece of literature for the purpose of a review. You did a good job and it was well done and thought out well. Keep writing. I don't see any room for improvine the piece it is just great the way it is." - J