Friday, April 15, 2011

Moving Away From Broke

Dear Followers,
I have decided to make an attempt to broaden my horizons and stop focusing on the intense, the morose, the at times melodramatic content I have been posting on Writing In Life.  Writing In Life is not easy.  Life is not easy, hence my desire to try to lighten things up.  Let's be real: this is my blog and I am me.  I believe in freedom of speech (obviously), and I am an emotional human being, so posts of a dramatic nature are sure to emerge in the future.  For now I would just like to focus on the nicer things.  The promise of Spring.  How I pretend I don't know how funny I am when my audience bellyaches from laughing.  That I secretely love my job in many ways and take pride in my work.  Instead of talking about the friends who proved themselves false and broke my heart, why not celebrate the ones who helped put me back together?  And my family - the ones who are living and make my life complete.  I should focus on these things more and more often...

I humbly thank you for coming to see inside of my heart.  You have seen it broken.  I hope you will come again to see it healed. 

With Gratitude and Regards,

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